So if you haven’t watched the extended promo for 3x06 then you probably should or else this will probably make zero sense, but if you have let me tell you a whack theory I have concerning Scott.

In the promo, we see Melissa’s throat being slashed wide open by Deucalion (this I’m assuming for my own sanity is just a hallucination) while Scott is watching from the window. Now we know the motel has the highest number of guest suicides in California (which, again, I’m assuming is due to the hallucinations) but what if the Motel’s potential next victim is Scott? And what if he attempts so by setting himself on fire, a known sure fire way (pun totally not intended) to kill a werewolf.

One of the scenes we’re shown in the promo is this scene:



Allison is telling Scott there’s always hope, with him shooting her down with “Not for me.” But that’s not what’s grabbing my attention. It’s the fact that Scott is drenched and the other two are dry. It’s not raining, we’ve seen nothing to suggest Scott will be getting wet from head to toe by say lying in a bath, so what if it’s not water. What if it’s gasoline.

And what if this is Scott trying to set himself alight:


We know from an interview at the London Con a few weeks back that this is Scott, Stiles and Lydia. And from what it looks like, it seems like pushing Scott away from explosion while he’s faced towards it. 

They did say Stiles would talk Scott “off a ledge”. Maybe this is that ledge

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